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...Ever thought Rag's designs would look cool as merch??

Oh Snap!


We got 'em!

Created and shipped
by the wonderful

With monthly art events, hosted by the incredible DJ Skraps

Merch, apparel, and live events

By the ace of fangs crew

(Pardon the dust, we're still setting things up)

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Merch Store

With Stickers And More

  • Fun and expressive designs!

  • Amazing quality production!

  • A new theme coming your way each month, with exciting new inventory and designs to match.

  • There's always something new around the corner to look forward to!

AoF Stuff
cup hahalol

Created with care

  • No print-on-demand or mass production means no gambling on quality. And we take pride in that!

  • Your order is made just for you, by a real person, and inspected to make sure it's just right!

You Deserve The Best,
And We Deliver!

Support Passionate Creativity

  • Support a small team of creatives, and get amazing stuff -- Pretty good deal all around!

  • (Pssst.. And Hey, we're proudly LGBT owned and operated, too!)

AoF Logo

Little Group, Big Personality

  • Creative designs and visual stuff is made with love by Ragnen: A chaotic maelstrom of creative energy and positive vibes

  • Printed, packaged and shipped by Komitadjie: Skilled paws and an eye for quality. (Only the best stuff passes through his paws to you!)

  • Events are hosted by DJ Skraps, who'll keep you moving and grooving all afternoon long

  • And Zu is our resident admin kittymow, CEO of Gremlin Energy, and the best helper we could ask for!

Learn More About Our Products:

New inventory cycles every month!

There's always something new to look forward to!

Check Out The Shop!

** Under construction -- opening date pending -- Check Back Soon!

About Our Stickers

Designed by Ragnen, and brought to life by Komitadjie

Vinyl Stickers

  • Our stickers are made from an outdoor-grade vinyl

  • rated for at least 3 years of exposure to the elements

  • Waterproof

  • Resistant to abrasion

  • Suitable for everything from your computer tower to your car bumper!

Look how shiny this is, seriously

Holofoil Upgrade

  • Images and video don’t do justice to just how ridiculously shiny these are.

  • The preview image should hopefully offer enough to spark that curiosity, though!

  • If your experience is like ours was upon seeing the results in person, you'll be pretty blown away!

Care Tips

  • Do not clean stickers with alcohol based products, or touch with any alcohol based sanitizer, as this will damage the printing.

  • Most other cleaners are okay!

Tattoo Tickets

Your Self Expression, With A Little Help From Us

Want A Tattoo?

  • Wanna get one of Rag's designs tattooed? We got you

  • With a Tattoo Ticket, you can make it happen!

What You Get:

  • Upon purchase, you'll have permission to select any one design from our shop to get as a tattoo.

  • Also, upon request, you can be sent a version of the art free from the heavy watermarking, to make life easier for your tattoo artist.

Terms of service

So How Does This Work?

Rights And Stuff

  • Ragnen retains all creative rights to his designs

  • You are purchasing the right to have one of Rag's existing designs tattooed on your body (or a friend's, if it's a gift)

  • You are not buying the rights to the image for any other use, either personal or commercial.

  • (Please also note: this is for existing designs. If you'd like to have Ragnen work with you to design a fully custom tattoo just for you, we can discuss arranging for a commission!)

Acceptable Use

  • You are free to share the watermarked version of the art, as much as you'd like. Show your friends! Post it online!

  • You may not share the un-watermarked version of the artwork, online or elsewhere.

  • Theft is rampant for these things! The watermark insures that these cool designs don’t wind up on bootleg sites, (or if they do, they'll at least be advertising for us a little), and helps to make sure that more cool designs can happen in the future

Support the artist!

  • This is provided as a way to support the artist, and support the creation of more neat designs in the future (as well as get a version that will be easier to work with)

  • The price is set to be Pay What You Want, with a very modest minimum, so as to make this an available option for as many people as possible.

An Additional Note

  • If you really wanna get these designs tattooed without paying, we can't stop you. ...Internet just be like that sometimes.

  • Supporting us is a choice, though it's one that we hope you'll make!

  • Either way, it's wonderful that you appreciate Rag's work enough to want it as a part of you forever.

  • You can also totally purchase a tattoo ticket later on, once you're in a financial place. (I won't be mad, promise.)

Share with us!

  • While not required, if you show Ragnen how cool your sweet new tattoo came out, it’ll totally make his whole day.

  • (Plus, you might get a little something neat from him! Y'know, as a treat <3)

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About Us

Ace of Fangs is a small group of talented buddies brought together by an idea:

Combining their individual skills to breathe life into design,and create an experience of self expression to share

— and we want YOU to be a part of it!


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